FN-INK Mixing System

As a distributor, you want to provide the highest quality products to your customers. You help them find solutions to conflicts that arise. You ensure you’re partnering with companies that care about what they produce and value relationships they create and maintain. Supplying the FN-INK™ plastisol ink line will uphold your honorable standards and better the lives of your customers.

FN-INK™ was designed by screen printers, for screen printers. One thing printers want is to save as much money as possible. FN-INK™, also known as Financially Necessary Ink, costs half the amount of standard plastisol inks on the market. Since the ink has the low-cure property, printers save even more since they’ll be using less energy in their shop, and decreasing their time in production. FN-INK™ gives printers better ROI.

Not only does FN-INK™ cost less than the standard plastisol ink, it works just as effectively, if not better. FN-INK™ is short-bodied and creamy, making it extremely easy to work with. The 15 ready-to-use colors can be pulled straight from the bucket to the press. Not only are the colors of the ink vibrant and rich, the ink has one of the softest feels for plastisol ink. The ink’s capabililities do not stop there. The classic line of 15 colors creates the foundation for the FN-INK™ Mixing System. Only needing to add in the mixing white, printers can mix whatever colors they want. Or, they can continue using ink straight from the bucket if a customer doesn’t request a Pantone color. No need to have buckets and buckets of ink taking up all their shelves. With one system, printers have all the plastisol ink they’d ever need.

FN-INK™ isn’t for a specific demographic, it touches a wide audience – from individuals who are new to screen printing to those who are working on several automatic presses. By investing in the ink, you will deliver a product that will benefit the majority of your clientele. 

If FN-INK™ is the plastisol ink your customers need, reach out to us at the email below and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.